The Start-Up Sports Business Program

with Ben Nabers

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*Questions before you buy? Text Ben at (210) 960-5771

Ebook Overview

Module 1: Idea or Reality? Why 99% of trainers fail when they start their business...and how you will succeed.

Module 2: Getting Started - How to get your training business LEGALLY started and the right type of INSURANCE to get

Module 3: Who to Train? Discover your niche so you can train the ideal clients who are life-long customers

Module 4: Creating Value - How to be DIFFERENT and BETTER than your local competitors.

Module 5: Building Your Client Base  - How to attract NEW clients into your business on demand.

Module 6: Charging Your Customers - How to properly collect MONEY from clients so you can build a predictable business on auto-pilot that generates revenue month after month. (You'll see the exact system to use and how to use it)

Module 7: Proper Business Systems - Why you need systems in place (so you can spend less time on the business and more time helping more clients)

Module 8: Different Types of Business Models - Learn how to properly structure your business model for private training, camps, clinics or group training.

Module 9: Scaling Your Business - How to take your business to the next level by working less hours and profiting more by bringing on a staff of trainers.

Module 10: It's Go Time! Now it's time to implement the information straight into your business. Ben will show you the next action steps to take to schedule the 1-on-1 bonus coaching call.

*Plus access to the 67 minute video going deeper into each chapter PLUS the FREE 30 minute coaching call on Zoom*

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I haven't started a business, will this help me?

Yes! Even if you have zero business experience or coaching experience, this program will help you get started!

I'm on the fence, can I talk to you before I purchase this program?

Yep! You can text me right now at (210) 960-5771. I care about your success. If you text me, I can answer any questions there to ensure that you are a good fit for this program.

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